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Are you shipping a car, a boat or RV? Are you a logistics professional? Our platform connects people who need to transport with people who have knowledge in logistics areas. Ask questions, build relationships, help each other. We want logistics to become open and understandable for all parties.

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Auto Shipping Guide

Auto Shipping Guide

There are times when you may want to ship your car from one city or country to another. Maybe you are relocating for a new job, or you have purchased a car in a dealership or a private party in ...

What Car Is Right For Me?

What Car Is Right For Me?

Ways To Decide Which Car Is Right For You? You are probably at the point where you want/need a new car, but you are wondering, “what car is right for me”? You are not alone. There are many things to ...

The Cheapest Way To Ship A Car

The Cheapest Way To Ship A Car

All About Shipping Cars Across the Country Have you ever had to travel long distances? What did you do with your car when you moved? Did you drive it? Send it? Sell it? For most removals, what to do with ...

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